Inventor (s): Soledad Mon Piedra

Description of the invention

In a concrete way, what the invention proposes, as has already been pointed out above, is a new type of towel with means of anchoring to the ground, which is held by means of pickaxes sufficiently strong and long for the wind and movements personal cannot move it.

Said picks are light, assuming hardly any difference in weight or volume with respect to a normal towel. When not in use, the pegs are arranged in a cloth cap that serves to hold them together. In addition, the towel has slightly visible and strong cloth loops, located on each corner of the towel and in the middle of the sides, on the outside, so that the towel does not see its surface shrink when it is extended. These loops are made of cloth with the objective of not hindering its folding and washing. The towel also has a closed cloth pocket with plastic zipper, suitable for storing the pegs when folded and also serves to store objects

personal when the towel is extended. Finally, the towel has a cloth tape that serves to tie and keep it folded when not in use. These improvements do not influence the washing of the towel, since all the additions are made of materials that includes any normal towel (fabric and zipper).

Object of the invention

The object of the invention focuses on a beach towel that has improvements compared to a normal towel, as well as improvements compared to other towels with anchoring means to the floor.

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