Inventor (s): Misael López Castaño 

Description of the invetion

The object of the present invention falls, especially, in a programmable electronic device that, intended to be installed in the door of a home or premises, has as purpose to act as an automatic alarm of personal reminders of one or more occupants of said dwelling or local so that, when passing in front of said door or when the door is opened, activate it and remind you of things like carrying certain objects and / or doing certain tasks before leaving, for example, taking the keys, the mobile phone , close the light, gas and similar.

Preferably, the device must be installed on the inside of the door of the home, local or similar, in such a way that, when the user is going to leave, it will detect it, through a sensor provided in the aforementioned, and will emit a Acoustic and / or luminous signal to catch your attention.

At that moment, the user must press a button on the device so that, through a loudspeaker, it reproduces the message with those reminders that have previously been recorded for said user, since, preferably, the device is designed to incorporate personal reminders of different users for the different occupants of the house or premises.

For this purpose, the device comprises, housed in a housing and suitably connected to a programmable electronic board with the capacity to house one or more voice recordings, at least one sensor, for example a proximity sensor, which detects the presence of a user in disposition to exit through the door, a buzzer and / or alarm light, which is activated upon receipt of the sensor activation signal, at least one or more activation buttons of the recording or recordings, a loudspeaker to emit the sound of theselected recording.

Preferably, the device has several buttons to activate the reproduction of the reminders, serving one for each user or occupant of the house, since each one may want or have to remember different things to do or take when leaving. In addition, the device also has a screen with navigation keys that, through software, displays information and allow you to navigate through the menus to program the reminders, such as a calendar, and other data.

To proceed with the recording of the reminders, the device also presents a microphone that, through the corresponding menu, collects what the user wants to leave recorded so that it is reproduced when leaving, and be alerted by the alarm, reproduced at the press its corresponding user button.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the device of the invention can be of a fixed or portable nature, since the described casing can be fixed on the wall or on the door, by means of adhesives or screws, but, optionally, it can also count with a base, which is the one that remains fixed and in which the housing of the device fits. In this way you could take it to another house to a holiday home or wherever you want.

Preferably, the device can also have a portable base that can be held, for example, by suction cups or a hook, in another place for example when the product is taken on vacation.

Object of the invention:

The object of the present invention is, therefore, to provide the market with a means for people who are interested in remembering actions when leaving their home, business or similar, to have a device that facilitates said reminder system and allows them to Automatically do not go through the exit door without activating it.

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