Inventor(s):  Valentín Assemov Simeonov

Description of the invention

What the invention proposes is a new type of bicycle saddle that presents the innovative feature of being provided with a folding hood intended to protect the child from the sun and / or from the rain.

To this end, the structure of the chair has, on both sides thereof, two male or female coupling elements capable of receiving the coupling elements complementary to the structure of a folding hood, which preferably consists of a hood universal of the type that fits in baby seats.

It should be noted, finally, that in a preferred embodiment of the invention, said coupling elements incorporating the chair are removable coupling, that is, allowing the hood to be easily assembled or disassembled, so that it does not constitute a fixed element of the chair, allowing the use or not of the same according to the needs of each case.

Object of the invention

The invention is centered on a baby carrier of the type that is coupled to an adult's bicycle in order to be able to safely transport young children in said type of vehicle, which, in an innovative way, is provided with a folding hood to protect the child from the sun and / or rain. 

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