Inventor (s): Rocío Hernández Jiménez

Description of the invention

As an explanation of the "Adjustable height cushion for seats", it consists of an accessory designed to be fixed on the backrest of any type of seat consisting of the following elements;

- Cylindrical cushion of circular or oval section provided with sliding tracks disposed in its outline so that by moving through them the height of the cushion is manually regulated.

- Symmetrical strips with respect to the vertical plane of symmetry of the seat, designed to be fixed on the front of the backrest using its ends fixed on one side to the lower limit of the backrest while the opposite end is fixed to the upper end of the backrest.

Object of the invention

Taking into account the state of the art in the matter in terms of accessories that facilitate the user not getting exhausted to their destination as a result of back or neck pains linked to incorrect postures during transport, it is by all known the cervical travel cushions or lumbar cushions such as, for example, the patent identified by its publication number and title, respectively; WO 2006134191 A1, "Cushion for the prevention of back injuries", or even other proposals much more complex but also aimed at preventing cervical pains such as WO 2009118432 A1, "Hanging device for vertical head restraint for vehicle seats", However, the "Adjustable seat cushion for seats" has the advantage that it is a fixed element on the back of the chair, preventing the user from having to transport it, adapting in its use to the height required by the user, avoiding lumbar, cervical pain. or even both in alternative embodiments with two of them, making it possible also not to interact with the user if you want it by manually moving it over the backrest.

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