Inventor(s):   Merchita Mulligan

Description of the invention

The device consists of a receptacle, container or container of flexible or rigid material that is attached to the arms of the car, car or baby chair through elastic band with sailboat washers or other adjustable fastening material and inside a textile garment of impermeable material is stored that unfolds, one end of which remains attached to the same receptacle, to which it is sewn. the unfolded garment resembles a layer of water, gabardine or raincoat that completely covers the entire upper half of the wearer's body, with a central opening with a hood or hood attached and a tearing cut with a closure means that can be of different type to be able to introduce the head of the carrier in the hood or hood. the water layer, gabardine or raincoat is provided with two lateral openings to be able to remove the hands (the arms) of the carrier in case it was necessary.

Object of the invention

The technical advantage provided by this device model is the lightness, simplicity, durability and ease of coupling or incorporation, transport and handling to the car, chair or baby car. Its lightness is determined both by the type of waterproof textile material used in the cape, gabardine or raincoat and in the material of the receptacle, container or container and the material of the fastening to the car, chair or baby carriage. The simplicity of the device is reflected not only in its easy attachment and placement to the car, car or baby chair, but also in the ease of unfolding, folding and transporting it. This device has the great advantage of allowing to overcome the unpredictability of time in a simple and durable way, since the materials used for its production are resistant and allow multiple uses. An additional advantage is that it protects the hands of the wearer from inclement weather and that in turn allows the use of the same to be provided with the water layer, raincoat or gabardine of lateral openings that allows to remove them without having to remove the device.

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