Inventor(s):  José Ignacio Bisbal

Description of the invention

The present model of utility comes to solve this problem, with the Kit Auxiliar of the Home when combining a shopping cart with its bag and its mast, that gives body to the same one, in whose end it goes an axis where they fit two wheels. In the middle part of the mast is a metal support welded to the mast, which houses a mop bucket, which is easily removed. In this mast there are metal hooks on which a stool with two steps rests, so that it covers the mop bucket without practically seeing it from the outside. In this mast of the cart is coupled an ironing board by means of oscillating arms that fit in the upper part of the mast with a piece in the form of "U" to avoid pitching.

On the opposite side to the mast of the cart, there is a cloth bag used to store the mop stick, the broom, the garbage collector and other cleaning products. We already have the complete kit to keep them until the next service, this can be as follows: if we need the stool, we unhook it from the pieces of lace, which are in the mast, the bucket to mop extract it from the metal support, at the end It has rubber feet. If we want to iron, we will lower the countertop 90 degrees, using oscillating arms, which support these on the handle of the cart, holding both in a piece in the shape of "U". If we want to use the shopping cart, we lower the countertop to the vertical position and place the bag on the metal support.

Object of the invention

In the market there are separately the scrubbing buckets, the stools, the ironing counters, the brooms, the mops, the pickers, etc., each limited to one use and occupying a space separately. In all homes, certain items such as a stool, an ironing board, a mop and a shopping cart, etc., are necessary. These often must be placed in places that often hinder the passage, being scattered in corners of the kitchen or other rooms. The present model aims to solve this problem by concentrating all of them in a kit, so that it gathers a shopping cart, a stool and an ironing board, a mop stick, a garbage collector, a broom and cleaning supplies, etc. 

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