Inventor(s):  Alberto Puerta Torrecilla

Description of the invention

In a concrete manner, what the invention proposes, as has been pointed out above, is a cutting and shoveling utensil, 5 intended for use in the kitchen, which is distinguished by the fact that it has a structural configuration which, unlike of the similar knives and cutting tools currently existing, it comprises a very broad and short blade, rectangular in shape, practically square, which has, on one of its sides, a sharp edge or edge and, on the side opposite, with gripping means, determining, at the same time, the cutting tool and the picking blade.

Object of the invention

The object of the present invention focuses, specifically, on a kitchen utensil, namely a cutting tool whose structural configuration, formed from a broad and short blade with the area of grip on the edge opposite the cutting edge, in addition to facilitating said cutting operation in multiple applications, allowing to apply higher pressure for cutting with less effort than with conventional cutting knives, provides, at the same time, the ability to serve for a parallel utility, specifically as a collection palette of food, for example the pieces of food cut with the utensil itself, so that it is configured as a useful two in one of great versatility.

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