Inventor(s): Filiberto Antolín Mondoruza


A vehicle, in general can be considered divided into a part corresponding to the passenger compartment, where the occupants go, and a front or nose, where the engine of the vehicle goes. The object of the invention seeks to divide this front part into three different zones, a non-deformable central part, which has the shape of a triangle, which has as its base the separation zone between the passenger compartment with the front part, and as the vertex the midpoint of the front front part of the vehicle, leaving two other zones both sides of this triangular central part, which would have a triangular shape, and which is deformable and which it allows you to divert the vehicle to one side or the other in front of a frontal impact.

The system comprises at least two structural reinforcement elements arranged from each lateral end of the passenger compartment to the front of the vehicle at its mid-point.

Additionally, it comprises a third structural reinforcement element that joins the ends of the lateral structural reinforcements at its lateral end. This additional structural reinforcement element 30 serves as a means for reinforcing the assembly, ensuring a lower absorption of energy, and therefore deformation of the passenger compartment.

The triangular geometry defined by the two lateral reinforcement elements and the third reinforcing element that corresponds to the triangle defined by the underrun protection system allows to define a greater or lesser effectiveness as a function of the obliquity defined by the lateral structural reinforcement elements.

The underrun protection system is applicable to both passenger cars and industrial vehicles, whose chassis is based on two parallel beams that run the entire vehicle from the rear to the front, in this situation would be enough to join the beams in a central union, in the exact middle of the front.

All of the above would also apply to the back of the vehicles, which would also provide additional protection against subsequent reaches, which are also the result of accidents resulting in death.

Thanks to the characteristics of the described underrun system, it is achieved that in front of a frontal collision, either with another vehicle, or with a lamp or tree, instead of absorbing energy resulting from the impact, deforming the interior, the deviation of the vehicle to one side or another, deviation that prevents the deformation of the interior interior with the improvement of protection that supposes for its occupants, in addition to serve as a means of absorbing impact energy.

Object of invention

The object of the present invention is an anti-embedment system for vehicles in frontal collision, which basically consists in the provision of reinforcement structural elements duly positioned and arranged in such a way as to cause the vehicles to deviate from a frontal impact. 

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